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Everybody has different tastes, and more and more of us are learning to embrace and explore our individual passions. In our modern age, many men enjoy the look of body art, especially when it is on smooth and supple female skin. Some men enjoy the look of small and delicate tattoos on women, whilst others enjoy larger areas of art on the body.

Tattoo Trends

A lot of beautiful female celebrities like the appearance of tattoos, and choose to sport a wide range of artwork. For example, the American actress and brunette model Megan Fox, is one of those celebrities who has many tattoos embellished on her silky bronzed skin. Another fan of body art, is mature minx Angelina Jolie, who loves the look of tattoos displayed on her snowy skin. Lots of men fancy naughty pop songstress Rhianna, who is often keen to display her tattoos in an array of revealing outfits. There is undoubtedly something very sexy about beautiful women with tattoos, something that makes us men want to get closer, and find out if there is any secret artwork hidden away ;)

Tattoos also say a lot about someones character, and at Strawberry Girls all our cheap tattooed escorts certainly know how to have a good time! Some of our tattoo escorts even have fetishes and enjoy role play with their clients - so if you have any particular requirements be sure to let them know. Here at Strawberry Girls Escorts, all of our beauties love to make men happy - and by booking one of them, you are guaranteed an exciting night. Our cheap tattooed escorts are no exception and are regularly booked by gentlemen seeking a fun filled experience. The kinky girls are particularly proud of their bodies, and love to show off their tattoo designs when out and about.

Cheap & Sexy Tattooed Escorts

However, if you are looking to book a London escort for a social event, then don’t think that our cheap tattooed escorts won’t know how to act. Here at Strawberry Girls, we are very selective when it comes to hiring girls - and we aim to insure that all our London escorts have great social skills as well as looks. So if you have an important gathering, for which you need a companion, feel free to book one of our stunning escorts with tattoos. Like a chameleon, your chosen girl will have the class and elegance required for the occasion, and later on will be keen to show you her wild and naughty side.

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