Life’s Passions

What would life be without it’s passions? We all want to feel this hearty emotion to live fuller, richer, happier lives. The passion is the sparkle in your eyes, the beaming smile across your face, the energy you deliver when your mind, body and soul work together as one. We’re told we need it to live a meaningful life but what if you haven’t discovered your passion, yet? No fear, here at Strawberry Girls our weekly blogs on “The Big Night Out” and “The Little Pleasures” will help you either feed your passion or discover an inner fire you never knew you had.

The Big Night Out

We all love to reward ourselves with a stiff drink, fabulous food, and good company at the end of a long working week. I’m sure you’ve encountered the spontaneous, unplanned, big nights out you don’t remember but won’t forget. The Big Night Out prepares you for the weekend to look and feel your best. Recommending the best pubs, clubs and places for good grub, your girl will secretly hope you call her again. Preparation is key and every woman appreciates an organised man who knows how to treat a lady.

The Little Pleasures

Sometimes life can seem like all work and no play. If there is one major piece of advice we can give to our gentlemen it is to never surrender your mojo. In the years to come, you don’t want to be left wondering “where did I lose myself?”, instead ensuring you keep yourself looking dapper, network in all the right places and more importantly, keep yourself entertained with our selection of beautiful escorts. The Little Pleasures is what we like to call the blokes’ bible, keeping you in the know with the latest grooming tips, style, holidays and the latest boys’ toys.

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